How to Pack


How to pack

18 and 13 gallon rubbermaid totes and coolers work really well for packing into the high mountains. Del Sol recommends them because they are water and animal resistant, and are easy to pack. We recommend that your gear is weighed evenly and marked with the correct weight.  Backpacks and Duffel bags work great, especially if they are around 75% full. Sometimes we might need to move items around to adjust the balance of the load, so by having lose duffels we can swap items around easily. If you are not sure how much stuff to take, please give us a call. Del Sol will not allow excessive amounts of gear which has not been mentioned prior to your trip. We allow 120 pounds to one animal. We would also appreciate that clients are ready to go and at the trailhead on time so that your time is maximized in the backcountry. Keep in mind that our packers have to pack you in and ride out in the same day, so staying on schedule is important. We are usually ready for clients at 8AM at the designated trailhead. There are a couple motels to stay the night in town for those who are traveling over the day before. If you have any questions or concerns please get ahold of us.


It's important to have your gear weighed out evenly and ready to go when you show up at the trailhead. This helps us get you in the mountains in a timely Del Sol fashion.


We like to stack two rubbermaid totes together and wrap them up. This helps fit more onto one side on an animal. limit totes to 30 pounds so we can stay in our weight limit.


We appreciate compact loads. Please try to limit large bulky items because they are hard to manage into a load that will ride comfortably on an animal.


We limit our loads to 120 pounds an animal. Please try to fill containers in a way that minimize rattling noise.