Summer Pack Trips

summer horseback adventures in ne oregon.

Summer deluxe camp

If you’re looking for the ultimate vacation into one of Oregon’s greatest Wilderness area’s, this trip is for you. The deluxe camp features a full blown camp suited with more than the essentials for an amazing trip in the backcountry. Along with your own personal dome tent to sleep in, a 14x16ft wall tent will be provided with a full kitchen and a skilled camp cook. This high altitude catering is top of the line with entrees cooked to perfection in a range of dutch ovens. Del Sol makes the wilderness a comfortable place to be with plenty of chairs to relax in, cots to sleep on, a clean kitchen, and  hot showers. If you want to go for a day ride to one of the many lakes near camp, or hike to the top of a Eagle Cap, it’s all there for the taking. The summit of Eagle Cap, and other high granite peaks, are accessible right from camp. We encourage deluxe trips for 5 days or longer with 5 or more people to get the most out of your Wilderness adventure.  Riding horseback in the largest Wilderness area in Oregon, is a experience that Del Sol is proud to offer. Deluxe trips are $225/person/day. 

supplied camp

A full camp is provided for you to use at your leisure. Del Sol will pack you in and drop you off in a designated camp reserved for your stay. The Supplied Drop Camps depend on gear availability, and price may vary, so give us a call to set up a trip.

Drop camp

We provide the service, you provide the gear. Camping gear is not included, perfect for those campers that already have their own gear. Choose a location, and how long you want to stay. We will get you in and out in a timely del sol fashion.